1. Chloe Grace Moretz, Flare Magazine

    Chloë Grace Moretz Doesn't Want Life To Be All About Relationships: "That’s Not My Style"

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    L.A. Kings Win 2014 Stanley Cup—See Pics of Joe Jonas, Other Celebs Cheering Their Butts Off!

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    Denzel Washington Wipes the Floor With Bad Guys, Chloë Grace Moretz Rocks a Black Wig in The Equalizer Trailer

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    Kristen Stewart Seduces Juliette Binoche, Poses in a Thong in Clouds of Sils Maria Trailer—Watch Now!

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Reveals Party Plans for 17th Birthday

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    Which Horror Movie Kid Is the Creepiest? Vote for The Shining, Carrie and More in Our Film Face-Off Game!

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    Almost Perfect: Chloë Grace Moretz's Dress is Two Sizes Too Big

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    5 Things to Know: Carrie Face-Off: Remake Vs. Original

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    Carrie Reviews: Chloë Grace Moretz Remake Not So Bloody Good

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    Chloë Grace Moretz's Mom Found It "Difficult" to Watch Her Daughter Get Abused in Carrie

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Gushes Over Carrie Costar Julianne Moore: "She Is Probably My Favorite"

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  14. Julianne Moore, Chloe Grace Moretz

    Julianne Moore Gushes Over Carrie Costar Chloë Grace Moretz: "She's So Delightful"

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Gushes About Gal Pal Kristen Stewart: "She's the Greatest Girl"

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Talks Being Invited to First Real Prom at Carrie Premiere, Admits Scaring Herself While Watching Flick

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    Chloë Grace Moretz's Enchanting Makeup Look at the Carrie Premiere—All the Details!

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    Prank Video Shows How People Would React if Carrie and Her Telekinetic Powers Were Real—Watch Now!

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Asks Fans on Twitter to Pray for Her Mother

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Blasts Death Hoax as "Sick" and "Disgusting"

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Supports Her Two Gay Brothers: "They Were Treated Horrifically"

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    Chloë Grace Moretz Talks Being Homeschooled: "It's Not Bad at All"

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    Kick-Ass 2: 5 Reasons Chloë Grace Moretz Is the Superhero Movie's MVP

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    Bargain Babe: Chloë Moretz Enjoys Retail Therapy at Designer Discount Store

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    Keira Knightley's First Post-Wedding Gig? Possibly Replacing Anne Hathaway in Laggies

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