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  1. Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Instagram

    Sarah Palin Dishes Details on Bristol Palin's Wedding and Why She Adores Dakota Meyer

  2. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer, Instagram

    Bristol Palin Thanks Dakota Meyer for "Putting Our Family First" While Celebrating Father's Day Weekend

  3. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer, Daughter Sailor Grace

    Todd and Sarah Palin Send Well Wishes to Bristol and Dakota Meyer: Our ''Hearts Are Filled With Love''

  4. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer

    Broken Engagements, Unexpected Pregnancies and a Surprise Wedding: A Journey Through the Highs and Lows of Bristol Palin's Love Life

  5. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer, Daughter Sailor Grace

    Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer's Timeline of Love: From Breakup to Baby to Marriage

  6. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer

    Surprise! Bristol Palin Secretly Marries Dakota Meyer

  7. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer

    Are Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer Back Together? See the Instagram Post That's Sparking Speculation

  8. Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin

    Levi Johnston Owes Bristol Palin $62,000 in Child Support, Judge Orders

  9. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer, Daughter Sailor Grace

    Bristol Palin Embraces Co-Parenting Baby Sailor Grace With Dakota Meyer

  10. Bristol Palin, Sailor Grace, Instagram

    Bristol Palin Shares Pic of Dakota Meyer With Baby Sailor Grace During Daddy-Daughter Visit

  11. Bristol Palin, Trig Palin

    Bristol Palin Defends 7-Year-Old Brother Trig After Online Attack for Wearing Donald Trump Campaign Hat

  12. Bristol Palin, Sailor Grace

    Bristol Palin's Daughter Sailor Grace Is Just Too Cute for Words—See the Proof

  13. Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin, Instagram

    Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer Reach Custody Agreement Over Baby Sailor

  14. Bristol Palin, Instagram

    Bristol Palin Snuggles Up to Baby Sailor While Taking Her for a Swim

  15. Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin, Instagram

    Bristol Palin's Ex Dakota Meyer Files Emergency Motion to See Sailor Grace

  16. Bristol Palin, Tripp, Sailor Grace

    Bristol Palin Says She Did Not "Lose" Custody of Tripp to Levi Johnston: "Every Child Deserves Two Loving Parents"

  17. Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

    Bristol Palin Shares Cryptic Quote on Instagram Following Levi Johnston's Custody Battle Win

  18. Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin

    Two Kids & a Baby: Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston's Rocky Teen Romance and the Strange 7 Years That Followed

  19. Levi Johnston, Tripp

    Levi Johnston Wins Custody Battle Against Bristol Palin After Seven Years and "Around $100,000" in Legal Fees

  20. Bristol Palin, Sailor Grace, Instagram

    Bristol Palin's Baby Girl Sailor Grace Sweetly Falls Asleep on the Job While Visiting Mom at Work

  21. Sailor Palin, Tripp Palin

    Bristol Palin's Son Tripp Gets an Adorable Surprise Lunch Visit From His Baby Sister Sailor

  22. Sailor Grace, Bristol Palin's Baby Daughter

    Bristol Palin's 1-Month-Old Daughter Sailor Grace Plays It Cool in New Baby Photo

  23. Tina Fey, Sarah Palin

    Bristol Palin Thinks Mom Sarah Palin Wore Fringed Jacket Better Than Tina Fey, but Her Online Poll Says Differently

  24. Bristol Palin, Sailor, Trig

    Bristol Palin's Little Brother Trig "Officially Loves" His Newborn Niece Sailor

  25. Bristol Palin, Pregnant, Baby Girl

    Bristol Palin's Latest Photo of Newborn Daughter Sailor Grace Is Killing Us With Cuteness

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