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    Bill Hader Helped Create Voice of BB-8 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Here's How He Did It

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    Trainwreck "Line-O-Rama"—Watch and Laugh as Amy Schumer and LeBron James Make Bill Hader Break Character

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    Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, Stars of Trainwreck, Snort Fake Drugs in Super Weird Interview—Watch!

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    Trainwreck Review Roundup: Amy Schumer Hosts "One of the Freshest and Filthiest Coming-Out Parties in a While!"

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    LeBron James Wants to Direct Trainwreck 2: Watch the Hilarious Video!

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    Is Bill Hader Planning a Stefon Movie?

  7. Inside Out

    Inside Out Review Roundup: Pixar Film Is ''Captivating Fun for Kids'' But Their Parents Will Be ''Blubbering Wrecks''

  8. Bill Hader

    Bill Hader Participates in Senior Prank at New York High School: Watch the Hilarious Video!

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    Inside Out Cast Hilariously Imagines What They Think Goes Into Making a Disney Pixar Movie—Watch the Video!

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    Watch Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Trash a Theater Because Winning Is Everything at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards