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    Lovelace: 5 Ways the Biopic Swings Thanks to Its Powerful Cast

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    Amanda Seyfried Talks Watching Porn, Stripping Down for Lovelace Sex Scenes: "It's Just a Naked Body"

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    Amanda Seyfried Skips Bra, Flashes Side Boob at Lovelace Premiere

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    Sharon Stone and Amanda Seyfried Step Out in White for Las Vegas Lovelace Premiere

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    Amanda Seyfried Covered Her Dad's Eyes at Lovelace Premiere: I Had to Shield Him From My Boobs

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    Amanda Seyfried's Dog Can Balance a Burger on His Head—Watch the Video!

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    Want to Date Amanda Seyfried? Instant Sexual Attraction Is a Must!

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    Amanda Seyfried Spotted Getting Kissed by Mystery Man

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    Amanda Seyfried Rocks '70s Style, Dark Themes in Lovelace Trailer

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    Fashion Face-Off: Amanda Seyfried, Ciara and Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Menswear

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    Hillary Clinton Biopic: Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain Among Front-Runners

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    Amanda Seyfried Talks About Having "Beautiful Huge Breasts" as a Teen

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    Rihanna, Nina Dobrev and More Hot Celebs Top Victoria's Secret's 2013 What Is Sexy List

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    Amanda Seyfried Is Very Irresistible in Givenchy Commercial

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    Amanda Seyfried on Becoming New Face of Givenchy: "[Bleep] Yeah!"

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    The Big Wedding: 5 Questions to Pop Before Walking Down the Aisle With the Movie

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    Amanda Seyfried Talks Shrinking Boobs: "There Was Something So Beautiful" About D-Cups

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    Naya Rivera, Jennifer Morrison Pose Nude for Allure—but Amanda Seyfried Doesn’t!

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    Amanda Seyfried Predicts the Fashion Future in Designer Space Suit

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