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  1. Supergirl, Melissa Benoist

    Melissa Benoist Promises a "Big" Supergirl Finale: "Brace Yourself"

  2. Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks Cast Remembers the First Time They Heard About the Revival: "I Thought It Was a Joke"

  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3, Orange Is The New Black

    Inside Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Unexpected Crossover With Orange Is the New Black

  4. Normani Kordei, Dancing With the Stars

    Will a Twisted Ankle Impact Normani Kordei's Dancing With the Stars Finale Redemption?

  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Acknowledged Sexual Assault in Season 3

  6. The Keepers

    The Keepers: Will There Be a Season 2? And What's the Latest on the Case?

  7. Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks Premiere: What the Heck Just Happened?

  8. Sasheer Zamata, Dwayne Johnson, SNL

    Sasheer Zamata Quietly Becomes 3rd Star to Leave SNL After This Season

  9. Bryce Powers, The Bachelorette

    The Bachelorette Contestant Bryce Powers Is Already in the Internet Dog House for Transphobic Comment

  10. Twin Peaks

    Not Even the Twin Peaks Cast Had Any Idea What to Expect Before the Premiere, But We Asked Them Anyway

  11. Doctor Who, season 10

    What's in the Vault? Doctor Who's Season 10 Mystery Is Solved, But the Trouble Is Just Beginning

  12. Vanessa Bayer, TIFF

    Vanessa Bayer Leaving Saturday Night Live After Seven Seasons

  13. The Keepers, Abbie, Gemma

    How "Grandma Nancy Drews" Gemma and Abbie Became the Stars of Netflix’s The Keepers

  14. Harry Styles, James Corden, The Late Late Show

    Harry Styles' Funniest Moments on The Late Late Show With James Corden

  15. That's So Raven, Raven's Home

    Major Raven's Home Casting Scoop: And the Father of Raven's Kids Is...

  16. Kendra Wilkinson

    Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Confronts Her Mom's Social Media Habit That "Feels Like Knives Jabbed in Me"

  17. The Originals

    The Originals: Klaus & Hope Eat Beignets in This Adorable Sneak Peek

  18. Corinne Olympios, Las Vegas

    The Bachelorette Premiere Sneak Peek: Watch What Happens When Corinne Olympios Returns

  19. Riverdale

    Riverdale: New and Surprising Romances Are Coming in Season 2

  20. Matthew Perry, Watch What Happens Live

    Matthew Perry Reveals Which Friends Storyline He Nixed—and What He Does With His Residuals

  21. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom

    Allow Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Donna Lynne Champlin to Regale You With Her Stalking Story

  22. Twin Peaks

    Everything We Know About the Return of Twin Peaks

  23. Doctor Who, season 10

    Missy Returns: Doctor Who Welcomes Back Michelle Gomez (For the Last Time?)

  24. The Keepers, Ryan White

    The Keepers Director Ryan White's Surprising Personal Connection to the Murder of Sister Cathy

  25. Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Disney XD's Ducktales Reboot

Twin Peaks, Then and Now, Kyle MacLachlan