Coco is a huge success and not just because of its Academy Award nominations, also because of how it's inspired and opened the hearts of so many. 

We recently chatted with one of the film's producers Darla K. Anderson, and she told us why she thinks the film has been such a game changer. 

"You know, this is a film that celebrates family, it celebrates Mexico, and it's a beautiful film. It's this interesting combination of this specificity but universal themes. We all love family, we all want to be remembered, and we want to remember our family," she tells E! News.

Our reporter also asked the producer if she had seen the viral video of a little boy singing the movie's song "Remember Me."

"If you didn't cry, I worry for you. That video is amazing," she says. "That video was wonderful, I think ultimately as poignant and as much as you cry, I also think it's such an optimistic view on staying connected and in this case to his little sister."

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