We pinky swear Michael Strahan is feeling better. 

The Good Morning America co-host was mysteriously missing from Tuesday's morning broadcast and his colleagues blamed his absence on a vague injury. 

Fortunately, 24 hours later, the TV star was back in his chair with a bandaged pinky finger on his left hand. "I had a little accident—lost a little bit of my pinky," he explained to the panel and viewers. 

While he didn't reveal exactly how he lost some of his finger, he assured anyone and everyone watching that he is fine. 

"I am ok," he said. "I am happy to be back." However, he quickly realized that his co-workers weren't going to let the injury pass by without poking fun.

"I didn't realize how much of a joke I was gonna be," he said, adding that someone working on the show "pinky swore" to something. The ribbing is all in good fun!

Meanwhile, the star continued with business as usual, conducting interviews with Jeremy Rennerand Elizabeth Olsenand contributing to the broadcast from his spot at the table. 

Welcome back, Michael!

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