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Thankfully, KFC is "finger lickin' good"—because you'll need clean hands to use the company's new phone. 

That's right—the brand synonymous with fried chicken is releasing a smartphone in honor of it's 30-year anniversary in China. In collaboration with tech giant Huawei, the fast food chain has designed a limited edition KFC Huawei 7 Plus, which comes in red with a logo of Colonel Sanders embossed on the back along with the year 1987—the year the chain first came to China. 

If you're craving this new tech, the phone has a price tag of 1099 Chinese Yuan or approximately $162. Unfortunately, it's unclear if the phone will be available for purchase in the United States. 

As an added bonus, the gadget comes pre-installed with the KFC app and an app called K-Music, which lets users pick the song they want to hear on speakers inside one of China's KFC restaurants. No need for a nickel—the jukebox has gone digital! 

Unfortunately for die-hard KFC fans, according to The Verge, only 5,000 of the phones will be released.  

In the meantime, raise your hand if this story made you hungry. 

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