Wonder Woman, Dark Tower, Baywatch, Spider-man Homecoming

The summer is upon us—as are Zac Efron's abs.

The former Disney star's chiseled physique will be on full display with the Memorial Day Weekend release of the Baywatch movie, the raunchy big screen adaptation of the iconic television series.

Mr. Efron is just one of many attractions coming to a theater near you this summer.

What else are we looking forward to seeing?

How about Gal Gadot kicking as Wonder Woman? Or there's Mandy Moore fighting for her life in shark-infested waters in 47 Meters Down.

Of course, there's the adorable Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man and Ansel Elgort flooring it in Baby Driver.

Charlize Theron looks like she's on her way to launching a new franchise with her action spy thriller Atomic Blonde.

Oh, there's so much more.

Now it's time to grab some and click on the gallery below for scoop on 34 of the summer's most anticipated movies.

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