Amy Schumerand Goldie Hawn's friendship is nothing short of LOL-worthy. 

E! News' Catt Sadler caught up with the co-stars while promoting their new comedy, Snatched, where the IRL besties had no problem putting each other on blast while playing "Most Likely To." 

Despite Hawn admitting that she often makes the fatal beauty mistake of sleeping in her makeup, Schumer gladly took the fall instead. "Yeah, but I'm drinking more than you right now. Maybe both of us," the famous comedienne teased.

As for which celeb laughs at their own jokes, both agreed it's Kate Hudson's mama that cracks herself up.

"You laugh because people laugh at you," explained Amy. "You'll say something you didn't even know was as funny as it is." 

Goldie then quipped, "Exactly, I'll laugh at that and I laugh when I messed up on laughing. I guess I've laughed at myself being stupid."

As for drunk tweeting? It's a no-brainer—Schumer knows she's most likely to head to Twitter after sipping on one too many. 

For more hilarious Amy and Goldie antics, watch the rest of our interview with the actresses in the video above!

Snatched hits theaters May 12. 

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