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Janet Jackson's creative director and longtime friend Gil Duldulao is sounding off on the rumors surrounding her split from Wissam Al Mana.

Duldulao took to Instagram to release a statement defending the "All for You" songstress, who he claims has no interest in her estranged husband's billions. "Hi. I want to state what I have to say as a friend," he began his note. "Even if there was a possibility that my friend could make 500 mil off of having a child. It's not in her character to want and or accept 500 mil. It's character people and she is not the one. She would never accept a pay out or want a pay out. That's the human being I know."

Jackson's colleague also commented on Twitter, making note that she already has plenty of pennies in her bank account. "You know how much she's worth!?! @JanetJackson," he tweeted. 

F you

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Angry, Duldulao lashed out at those who dared to question the "Rhythm Nation" singer's motives. "So you f--kers that state that—f--k you. That's not my friend and will never be. Point blank period," he continued on Instagram. "AND if you checked your facts. She has been married for four years not 5 and something months to claim she will get 500mil. So keep trying you a--holes. Goodbye."

E! News previously reported that Jackson is estimated to be worth around $175 million while her Qatari businessman ex racks up to about $1 billion. With rumors also claiming that Jackson could receive $200 million, celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler told us that, while it's a large sum of money, wouldn't be much for Al Mana.

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"$200 million tax-free would be a huge chunk of money, but for someone that's worth $1 billion it may not be as big of impact," Ziegler explained. "When people are entering into prenuptial agreements they need to consider what their net worth is at the time, and then in the event of divorce, if they can be self-supporting. I think here Janet has enough money to take care of herself, so there's definitely no alimony."

Now that their son, Eissa Al Mana, has been born, child support could also be an option. "In this case with such high net-worth individuals, this child's lifestyle will be nothing short of royalty," Ziegler explained. "Expect to see a high price tag on the child support award, which is not taxable to either party, so it's a net amount each month. Assuming Janet is the primary parent in decision-making over the child's day-to-day health welfare and education, she would receive the chunk of money on behalf of the child."