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The end is no longer near, it's here! 

Shadowhunters' Magnus and Alec are officially competing against the unexpected powerhouse of Isak and Even from Skam in the final round of our TV's Top Couple tournament, and that round begins right now. 

Magnus and Alec also made it to the final round last year, but lost in the end to The 100's Clarke and Lexa. Can they prevail this year, or will they be overtaken by Isak and Even?

The Skam pair managed to knock out several Top Couple heavy hitters throughout the tournament, including Clarke and Lexa and The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Caroline, so at this point, we won't be shocked if they win it all. (In case you're still fuzzy on this Norwegian import, we attempted to lay it out for you last week.)

However, Magnus and Alec took Outlander's Claire and Jamie out of the competition, and that's an impressive feat on its own, so really this is anyone's game!

TV's Top Couple 2017: Round 6 (Top 2)
Magnus and Alec or Isak and Even?

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As usual, vote as many times as you want, but please exercise caution. Drink some water occasionally. Go outside and take a walk. Play some music while you vote. Just have a good time, man. 

This poll will be open until Monday, March 6 at 5 p.m. PT, so!

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