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Weeds: Who's Nancy's Baby Daddy?

Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Demian Bichir Sonja Flemming/Showtime; Monty Brinton/Showtime

Get ready for the baby-daddy drama of '09!

Weeds is finally back June 8, and executive producer and creator Jenji Kohan confirms to us that there's only a slim chance Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is not pregnant.

So now that we know she'll have a bun in the oven (that's what slim chance means, right?), when the heck are we going to find out who the father is?

Could it be Andy (Justin Kirk)? He does have that unrequited love for his dead brother's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) widow. Or is it the most likely candidate: Mexican drug kingpin Esteban (Demián Bichir)?

To get the exclusive details on the fifth season of Weeds, we turned to Jenji and Justin directly...

The million-dollar question: Who fathered Nancy's forthcoming little bambino? Jenji tells us it's not safe to assume someone other than Esteban is the father. But whether they'll go with him as the baby daddy, Jenji says, "You never know."

Could it be Andy? Justin Kirk says, "I don't think it is my baby. I asked about that. I'd like to think my semen was so powerful that even though we didn't have sex, it somehow leapt across the house. I don't really know how reproduction works, but something like that."

Sorry, Justin, that's not how it works. But you could just raise Esteban's child for him. "Wouldn't it be a kick in the ass if I'm going to be stepdad to Esteban's baby?" asks Justin. Yes, it would, especially since you're harboring feelings for your dead brother's widow. "I do believe that the story of Andy's burgeoning feelings for Nancy will be explored in some way or another," adds Justin.

Do you want to see Nancy and Andy together, or is that just creepy? Or would you want Nancy to be a female kingpin alongside Esteban? The comments section is yours for the taking.



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