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Sure, fans will always remember when Beyoncé was "Crazy in Love," a Dreamgirl or a two-time performer at the Super Bowl, but there are some signature moments that may slip everyone's mind after all these years. Allow us to jog your memory.

Whether she was twinning with Shakira in a music video or starring opposite Steve Martinabout a movie about a diamond heist, there have been times in the icon's career that almost seem like illusions all these years later. 

Beyonce, Britney Spears, Pink, Pepsi Ad 2004


After all, today she's a bat-wielding Hollywood force all her own, but two decades ago when Tinseltown first learned her name, she was a teenage third of Destiny's Child, experimenting with fashion, film and her own sound. 

Visit E!'s gallery for a walk down memory lane through many of Queen Bey's stepping stone moments. 

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