Lady Gaga

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lady Gagais grappling with a whole new sort of Fame Monster

The "Million Reasons" singer will appear on CBS Sunday Morning later this week, and as a sneak peek reveals, she'll address the pitfalls of superstardom like never before. 

"I'm very acutely aware that once I cross that property line, I'm not free anymore," she confessed to Lee Cowan. "As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else."

Gaga continued, "It's legal to follow me. It's legal to stalk me at the beach. And I can't call the police or ask them to leave."

As for how the Grammy winner reacts to such limitations, she explained, "I took a long, hard look at that property line, and I said, ‘Well, if I can't be free out there, I can be free in [my heart.]'"

The Joanne performer also revealed she longs for normal social interaction, an aspect of public figure-dom that doesn't come easy for someone as starry as Gaga. 

"I miss people," she explained through tears. "I miss people. I miss, you know, going anywhere and meeting a random person and saying, ‘Hi,' and having a conversation about life. I love people."

For more from Gaga, watch her interview on CBS Sunday Morning this coming Sunday, November 27 at 9 a.m. on CBS.

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