Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City

HBO / Craig Blankenhorn

The second Sex and the City movie is moving forward!

Sources confirm to us that all four of the main cast membersSarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and, yes, Kim Cattrall—have agreed to star in the sequel to last year's big-screen blockbuster, which grossed more than $153 million. According to a studio insider, no deals have been signed yet, but "they're working it out."

So which SATC staple might not be there? One of the ladies' leading men tells me exclusively his character is in danger of kicking it before the movie ever hits the screen...

Evan Handler, Sex and the City

HBO / Craig Blankenhorn

Evan Handler, aka Charlotte's faithful yet hairy-backed hubby Harry Goldenblatt (and Charlie Runkle to you Californication fans).

"They could kill me off before the movie even starts," Evan tells me. "It's always possible that Harry has had a massive coronary and Charlotte is set free."

They wouldn't do that to Charlotte, would they?

Evan tells me that so far, he hasn't been approached about the second film, but of course, there's still plenty of time for the studio to come knocking. "I'd love to [do the sequel," he says. "It was a blast. Being involved with something that got so much attention and so much adoration was great. Whatever needs to be worked out is so far out of my hands, I hope they work it out. I hope they want me to be in it, and I hope schedule-wise I can."

Evan adds with a wink, "You and all the women of your age group say a little prayer for Harry Goldenblatt!"

(Fellas, I think he'll take your prayers, too.)

Who are you hoping will be back for the second SATC movie? Harry? Big? Steve? And how about the return of Jennifer Hudson? Weigh in down below...

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams

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