ESC: Demi Lovato, Nails

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Nail trends come and go, but sparkly nails are forever.

For one, glitter nail polish is an easy fix for masking chipped polish and, for the most part, it lasts longer than other solid colors. On top of that, it's a festive, low-key beauty look that you can sport any time, any place.

However, if you're going to have your nails shine like Demi Lovato, it's all about getting the right amount on each nail, (a.k.a. no patchy areas). If you've tried glitter before, it usually takes a few layers to avoid those barren areas, but then, four coats in, it takes eons to dry. "If you want it to look as good as it does in the bottle, then, yes, there is a correct way to do it and make it look so much cooler," shared beauty pro Kelli Marissa.

Common Glitter Blunder: This kind of polish is finicky and unpredictable. You're either painting it on too sheer with just one coat or you're layering it on too heavily—which then makes it looks uneven and too thick. When it's too goop-y, it runs and looks messy...but glitter nail polish doesn't have to be a disaster!

The Solution: Sparkling nail polish or not, you always want to start with a clear base. It will hold the polish in place (it's to the paint as setting powder is to foundation) and save your nails from turning yellow. To ensure a clean cuticle line, Kelli paints the skin side of her cuticles with liquid latex, but PVA glue works just as well. The real magic happens when you swap you polish brush for a slanted makeup sponge. Just dab a generous amount of glitter onto the edge of the sponge and firmly pat onto each nail. Repeat until you achieve an even, opaque color. 

Seal with a topcoat, peel off the cuticle glue and you're ready to party!

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