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We need to talk about that Pitch twist, and we don't mean Ginny Baker's (Kylie Bunbury) screwball pitch. Here is your one and only spoiler warning.

Yes, we need to talk about the revelation that Ginny's dad (Michael Beach) is dead. He died in a car accident and Ginny has just been imagining him. That pitching practice after she choked? She was alone. And for those keeping track at home, Pitch comes from Dan Fogelman, who also delivered NBC's This Is Us and that big twist.

"We're dealing in sports, and we're dealing in drama and human drama. I think surprises are good when they're not just there to be a surprise, but they also kind of change the lens through which you're watching the show. I think in the case of this show, what happens at the end of the pilot isn't just a kind of twist or surprise," Fogelman told reporters at TCA. "I think then you can go back and think, ‘Oh, I get this girl in a different way right now. I get what Kylie's character is going through in our journey. If I was to rewatch the pilot again, I would now understand the intensity of the pressure was different than I even knew at the beginning."

Fogelman teased going forward you will see more of Ginny's past—and the past of other characters.

"Part of the character is we're dealing    we have a device set up in the pilot where you're kind of going back in time and looking at Ginny's life previous, and that's a device that's going to carry in different ways as we go into series," he said. "You're going to be kind of flashing back on Kylie's life in different areas, as well as other characters, as we go further into series."

Pitch also stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, Mo McRae, Mark Consuelos, Dan Lauria, Meagan Holder and Tim Jo.

Pitch airs Thursdays, 9 p.m. on Fox.