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James Corden is looking to expand his résumé.

A late-night host, Tony award winner and a movie star, Corden is obviously looking to lengthen his IMDB page, as he revealed Wednesday on The Late Late Show that he auditioned for Bridget Jones's Baby. Not really a spoiler, but unfortunately the British star didn't get the role. Instead, it went to Patrick Dempsey, but it's still hilarious to see Corden vie for such a coveted role.

Renée Zellweger and the director told Corden when he walked into the room that they were looking for a "new, charismatic British lead" to replace Hugh Grant. Seizing the opportunity, Corden asked if he could "improvise around" the script "a bit" to really give it all he got.

As soon as Zellweger read her line confessing to the pregnancy, Corden, in character, freaked out. 

"Well bugger me, Bridget! That's really rather, I don't—that's the strangest thing!" he said.

"What are you doing?" Zellweger responded, confused by Corden's character's demeanor.

"I'm reacting the way that Hugh Grant would react," he explained. "I was doing Hugh Grant."

"If we wanted Hugh Grant again we would've cast him!" the director responded.

The shade.

After informing him that they're looking for "just a regular, British guy," Corden gave it another go.

"Good lord, Bridget Jones! That's absolutely bloody extraordinary," said Corden, rather excitedly. "We'll have a parade through the town."

Confused yet again, Zellweger and the director asked The Late Late Show host why he went in that direction. "I was thinking of Downton Abbey," he admitted. "The success at Downton. 'Bloody hell!' You know, Hugh Bonneville."

When that didn't work, Corden tried playing Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Queen Elizabeth II and Austin Powers. To see how each role turns out—and catch a surprise cameo at the end—watch the video!