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With Kelly Ripa accepting audition tapes for her open co-host position, Jimmy Fallon thought he would give it a try. "I'm free in the mornings," he told her Wednesday during her visit to The Tonight Show.

And she couldn't deny their rapport. "We have chemistry," she said.

"We have a little chem," Fallon retorted.

But Fallon's audition wouldn't just be your average video filled with standups and mock interviews. Instead, he made Questlove a guest on his and Ripa's show, now dubbed Live! With Kelly and Jimmy. In addition to hosting a pretend talk show, Fallon decided to mix it up with one of his favorite games: Word Sneak. Everyone receives a card with random words that they then have to sneak into conversation, which centered on The Roots member's book Something to Food About.

Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Questlove


Questlove's first words were "nude model" while Ripa and Fallen received "Snapchat." The co-hosts easily slipped the social medium into conversation by talking about Questlove's promotional methods, while the drummer had a more difficult time slipping in his words.

"I've been doing things out of the normal. I mean I've hired a few publicists but actually I've taken up another venture," Questlove explained when asked how he's getting the word out about his book. "I'm doing various photos: some of them will be me completely clothed and dressed but then on the side I've done things where I'm undressed completely. Before I came to Late Night I was a nude model."

There it is! 

Later, Questlove had to work Benedict Cumberbatch into their talk while Fallon and Ripa had to use "kangaroo." Still on the conversation of food, everyone used these words in a culinary context.

"I'm still hungry and I don't know if you've ever tried Questlove's famous smoked kangaroo brisket," Ripa told Fallon.

"You know about the kangaroo brisket?!" a surprised Questlove asked. "I initially used to make those briskets with cucumbers but then I found out it's better with Benedict Cumberbatch."

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