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Did your DVR cut off? Did you make the most rookie mistake ever and forget to keep watching? Or do you just need one more look at that crazy coda to Mr. Robot's second season?

Well, thankfully, we're here to help. Above, please enjoy the post-credits scene from that bonkers finale so that you may relive it over and over again until Mr. Robot comes back again next summer.

In the scene, we see Trenton (Sunita Mani) and Mobley (Azar Khan) hiding out at a Fry's Electronics in a much warmer climate—or at least somewhere with palm trees—under the assumed names of Frederick and Tanya. They're discussing the fact that Trenton found something major—something that could potentially put everything back the way it was—but they're interrupted.

It's Leon (Joey Bada$$), Elliot's Dark Army prison protector, who has somehow tracked them down. He asks the duo if they have the time and, keeping White Rose's soliloquy about time in mind, it seems like they might have run out of it.

What the heck is going to happen to these two fsociety members? Honestly, what the hell just happened in that episode in general? And how many times can we watch this scene until we throw our computers out of the window in frustration that we now have an interminable wait for new episodes ahead of us?

It's tragic, really. At least we can take comfort knowing that a new season is coming our way eventually.

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