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When you play husband and wife day in and day out for as long as Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross have as Black-ish's Dre and Rainbow, a little bit of that pretend relationship is bound to seep into your real one.

In honor tonight's season three premiere, we decided to put the two actors to the test with a little game we like to call "Married-ish." (Think The Newlywed Game.) Would Anthony remember how Tracee takes her coffee? And could Tracee recall Anthony's favorite snack from the craft services table? Who really knows their on-screen spouse best? You better watch that video above to find out.

Black-ish, Season 3, Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross


The new season of the Emmy-nominated comedy kicks off with the Johnsons taking a family trip to Walt Disney World for a first-class vacation experience the likes of which Dre was never able to have as a kid himself. From there, the show will waste no time tackling the heady topics that its become known for. Episode two, titled simple "God," will take on the subject of—what else—the existence of a higher power once Dre discovers that Zoey (Yara Shahidi) is question her belief. (It'll also introduce Hamilton star Daveed Diggs in a new recurring role as Johan, Bow's brother.)

That'll be followed up with "40 Acres and a Vote," a play on the 40 acres and a mule that freed slaves expected to receive once the Civil War ended and slavery was abolished. The episode will take a look at the current presidential election, naturally, as well as Junior's (Marcus Scribner) own bid for class president. 

Black-ish returns Wednesday Sept. 21 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.