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Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlakeis set to be a movie star yet again. It's been three long years since we've seen him front a big flick (that would be 2013's Runner, Runner), and audiences have been begging for a little big screen action.

And who is going to deliver that wish but one Woody Allen. We know, we know. But politics and drama aside, the excitement of seeing JT acting again is what we're really focused on here. The flick in question is currently known as The Untitled Woody Allen Project, and no, that's not a cute, ironic title—it just doesn't have a name yet. It's believed to be a period piece that takes place in New York in the 1950s, with Kate Winslet and Juno Temple starring alongside Timberlake.

This week, all the above rumors were confirmed when paparazzi caught the movie's crew filming on a local NYC beach. But the real treat is what they looked like when they were filming. 

That's right: The reason we the public are now privy to this glorious photo above is Woody Allen's new movie. We could spend hours staring at Justin's strained face, but instead we've found ourselves inside of JT's own brain. It's an E! exclusive! We know everyone was wondering just what was going on inside his head as he stood on that beach wearing a bucket hat, and now we know! All of his most private thoughts are below.

1. "I read on Complex that bucket hats are cool again, is that true?"

2. "I sure hope it is true, because otherwise I've squeezed my noggin into this teeny, tiny cap for no reason."

3. "Seriously, now it's driving me crazy: Does this bucket hat make my head look freakishly small?"

4. "On second thought, the bucket is hat is fine. What's really getting me is this ridiculous swimsuit."

5. "Why does it have a belt?"

Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet


6. "This can't be what people really wore in the '50s. Did Elvis belt his swim trunks?"

7. "At least I have this jacket; I can't imagine the view of the poor tourists behind me without it. These trunks don't cover anything."

8. "For once I know how women feel. Kate gets this long flowing dress while wardrobe stuck me in my skivvies."

9. "Although, it is nice to have this rain as a distraction from the smallness of...everything I'm wearing." 

10. "It definitely didn't say anything in my contract about working through the rain."

11. "I need to talk to my agent next time...my arm is exhausted."

12. "Seriously, this umbrella is heavier than it looks." 

13. "Actually, now that I think about, I'm holding a full-on beach umbrella. This thing wasn't made to be carted around."

14. "SAG!"

15. "As soon as we're done shooting this scene, I've got to strike up a conversation with Kate. I've been dying to ask her about whether Jack would really have fit on that floating plank."


16. "I wonder if anyone will ship us after this movie comes out."

17. "We definitely look great together. Even with my ridiculous outfit."

18. "Huh, now that I'm looking at that boom mic, it's in a bit of a compromising position."

19. "It's almost like the boom operator is trying to...no, it couldn't be."

20. "Or could it?"

21. "Those paparazzi are just part of the set, right? They're not actually taking pictures of us filming this scene, with this ridiculous fuzzy microphone stuck right in my crotch are they?"

22. "I normally never Google myself, but I might have to make an exception here. I must know what comes of this boom mic."

23. "I should also probably try to figure out what this movie is actually about. I can't get anything out of Woody."

24. "Is he always this jumpy? Every time I try to chat he acts like I'm a serial killer that just jumped out of the woods."

25. "Oh, wait it's my line. I really must focus more next take."