Those who are still eager to find out what happened to JonBenét Ramsey nearly 20 years later have found themselves on an emotional roller coaster lately. Along with the new series and investigations that have been reopened to take another crack at this unsolved murder, Dr. Phil has comprised a three-part sit-down interview with various key players in the case, mainly her brother Burke Ramsey and father John Ramsey.

And today, that interview came to a close.

A lot of difficult questions were asked, like Dr. Phil point-blank asking Burke, "Did you murder your sister?" (spoiler alert: the answer is no), and some heartbreaking revelations were made as well. Along with stating that this will be the last time he talks about the murder, John Ramsey admits that he feels responsible for his daughter's shocking death.

JonBenét Ramsey

Mark Fix/ZUMA Press

"You've been told by experts something that I know had to be hard to hear and hard to live with over the years. That this crime may very well have been about you," Dr. Phil tells John Ramsey, who responds, "I sadly and regretfully believe that, yes."

"So you believe whatever was done to JonBenet was done to punish you?," Dr. Phil asks, to which Ramsey simply says, "Yes. I do."

But you may find yourself asking why? Well, apparently Ramsey's high-profile company hit a milestone, which was publicized shortly before his daughter's death. Five days before the murder, there was a lengthy article in the Boulder paper about his company Access Graphics reaching the billion-dollar sales mark. 

"I sincerely regret that I allowed that to be publicized and public information," John Ramsey confessed. "In retrospect, I could have done two things different. One is to be sure that we lived in a very secure house. We thought we lived in a very safe community, It was an old house, had lots of windows and doors. And it's a good idea to be as anonymous as you can. Don't let your head rise up above the crowd, because there are people that will target you."

JonBenét's family had been at the center of speculation as to who murdered the young pageant star for years, but DNA evidence ruled that John, Patsy Ramsey and Burke could not have committed the murder. As for who did, well, perhaps we'll get some closure soon.

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