Johnny Knoxville Prank Bombs at LAX

    Johnny Knoxville Steve Granitz/

    Talk about a jackass move.

    The Los Angeles City Attorney's office tells E! News that a criminal complaint will be filed against Johnny Knoxville after airport screeners found a grenade in the reformed daredevil's luggage early this morning.

    "As he was being screened, security noticed an image of a hand grenade in his carry-on," says Los Angeles International Airport Police Sgt. Jim Holcomb. "Airport police and the bomb squad were called, and it was determined there were no explosives or firing pin."

    While the grenade thankfully wasn't real, Knoxville claimed the entire incident was a big misunderstanding and that he never intended to cause a scare at LAX.

    "He told police it was a prop from a photo shoot and he completely forgot it was in his bag," Holcomb says.

    Must've been some photo shoot.

    Police said the 38-year-old Knoxville remained cooperative throughout the ordeal and was ultimately released and allowed to board his 7 a.m. flight to Miami.

    Knoxville was quick to defend his actions in a blog posted not long after the incident, saying that the grenade was one of "a bunch of silly props" he was unaware was in his luggage.

    "The wardrobe girl packed my luggage so I could go home and, unbeknownst to me, she packed a FAKE hand grenade in the front zipper of my luggage...I was bummed when I realized what had happened," he wrote.

    Still, Knoxville harbors no hard feelings for the incident.

    "The cops did their job and verified that it wasn't real. Also, they were cool as they could be to me, considering the situation, and it is no one's fault but my own. I should have checked my goddamn luggage through and through, but I didn't and now we have this incident.

    "It was a mistake."

    (Originally published Jan. 15, 2009 at 1:35 p.m. PT.)