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    Is Winning Project Runway Even a Good Thing?

    Heidi Klum, Project Runway Bravo

    Given that being onTop Model won't make you one, is there any point in going on shows like Project Runway? Do any of these folks make a better showing in the fashion industry?
    —Shane, Oklahoma

    Oh, no, HE DID NOT just diss our girl Heidi Klum. Honey, that girl is 18 feet tall. She could step on your head and end your miserable ignorance with one cruel stomp of her Amazonian supermodel feet.

    Did you see what she wore to the Globes? Do you understand that she has no fear?

    But fine. I will answer your question.

    Actually, Sydne Summer, associate editor of, will answer your question. "Winning Project Runway helps a designer dramatically," she tells me. "Christian Siriano is the best example—the reality show gave him the opportunity to rise to the top more quickly."

    Project Runway is ensnared in a legal mess that might keep it off the air, but Tim Gunn is still thinking about his designers, even planning to film at New York's Fashion Week next month. He told New York magazine, "I want the designers on the show to get the exposure."

    Season-two winner Chloe Dao won a spokesperson gig for Dove, Summer points out, and even finalist Laura Bennett was able to parlay her Project Runway experience into a line on QVC.

    I was just wondering, because I'm a huge fan of hers, did Taylor Swift register to vote now that she's 18?
    —Ali, via Facebook

    She has said she did, and in a very nice statement that totally got no help from any publicist or anything like that: "The first thing I did this year on my 18th birthday was register to vote. I was still in my pajamas and I got on my computer and registered. It was so cool and empowering. I felt this sense of responsibility that I've never felt before—I actually had a say in the political decisions of my country."

    Now that Nicole and Tom are divorced, does she practice Scientology?

    Nicole Kidman has said she's a Catholic.

    I am new to your website and column. I find you quite appalling yet intriguing. My friend wants to know if Lipstick Jungle has been canceled. Thank you. Also, please do not sell my email address.
    —G. Tong

    It's not entirely clear what's up with the series, but NBC has ordered no new episodes and Industry watchers suspect that this week's episode, "La Vie En Pose," will be the show's last. Also, I just put your email address up on eBay.

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