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Jennifer Love Hewitt earns a paycheck helping ghosts get to the other side on TV. Now it's time to make it tougher for living people to get to her in real life.

The 29-year-old actress on Monday obtained a temporary restraining order against a 62-year-old man she says has been stalking her since 2007, even going so far as to move from Colorado to Los Angeles to close the geographical gap between them. (View the order.)

According to Hewitt's petition, filed Dec. 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court, the object of her complaint, David Nolte, sent the Ghost Whisperer star more than 120 "threatening and harassing" correspondences, "including disturbing and violent letters that reference weapons he owns and fantasies he has wherein [Hewitt] is being impaled." (View the petition.)

Some of the letters detailed "delusional and violent fantasies about having sexual relations with Ms. Hewitt…marring her, impaling her and envisioning her fiancé with his head blown off."

Then in November, Hewitt received another package from Nolte containing two plane tickets to Australia—one of them in her name—and an itinerary for a trip that Nolte had apparently planned for the two of them.

Per court documents, the last straw was when Nolte showed up at the home of Hewitt's mother, Patricia, on Dec. 21, bearing flowers and three letters for the actress, which he left at the property's gated entrance.

"I was terrified when I saw Mr. Nolte, because he has sent me threatening letters describing his sexual and violent fantasies that involve me…and seeing him at my mother's house made me fear for my physical safety," Hewitt stated in a declaration included in the filing.

The order of protection, which is good for three years, also included Hewitt's mom and her then-fiancé, Ross McCall, who was living with the actress at the time.

(Originally published Jan. 12, 2009 at 4:45 p.m. PT)

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