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    Globes Pop Quiz: Who's Drinkin', Who's Smokin'?

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    Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt
    Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank via AP Images

    "Of course everyone's having fun—the economy sucks and the drinks are free!"

    Which feeling-no-pain celeb said the above party-hearty quote?

     (a) Sandra Bullock, gypsy-woman hairdo falling by the second
     (b) Angelina Jolie, bored with tweaking Brad's tie for the umpteenth time
     (c) Jeremy Piven, mad with mercury poisoning, and bitter after his Entourage loss

    For the cheeky answer to the above, plus a helluva lot more Globes juice, check it out:

    For those of you who assumed that bad-boy Jesse James hasn't exactly been the soberest example for our darling Sandy Bullock and that she was the outspoken Globes reveler—ding ding ding—you babes are correct!

    Read on for more G.G. dish:

    Angelina Jolie so enjoyed the attention of all the gawking men and ladies. Her Versace threads may have been drab, but that didn't stop her from getting more looks than Brad, both at the Hilton and at the CAA after-party at Sunset Tower, and she was lovin' every second of it (par-tick from the latter sex), trust.

    In fact, whenever Angie could steal herself away from Mr. P, she would mini-hook-up with the partying gals. Bored with domesticity? With being a saint? Hormones in overdrive? All of the above? Maybe it's the latter and A.J.'s preggers with triplets now 'cause Angie sure passed on the booze, quite unlike...

    Brad Pitt, who was sipping on Heinekens whenever he got the chance. B.P., who spent so much time attending to fans pre-Globes, declined photo ops with people inside the ceremony, including ladies who were vying for his picture. Uh-oh, don't say this just-one-of-the-people show is simply a Jolie-inspired act? Another studly gent back in the smokin' 'n' drinkin' section at the Hilton was...

    Colin Farrell, puffin' away sans alcohol. The "reformed" bad boy almost missed his award 'cause he was preoccupied with the lovely gals surrounding him until a friend ran up and grabbed C and rushed him back to their table. Close one, Col. Another celeb in a frenzy was...

    Kate Beckinsale, having a wardrobe malfunction in the bathroom, with the back of her dress popping open all the way down past her tush. And it's a nice tush, too, Taryn tells me. Thank god Renée Zellweger was there to pop Kate back into place before presenting. K managed to get everything in place, 'cause she looked sizzlin' at the after-party, much like...

    Adrian Grenier, waltzing around, bookended on both sides by two gals, a babe under each arm. Looks like he one-upped awards-show-cruising Jason Segal with the extra hottie. One femme not in A's company was...

    Paris Hilton, surprisingly. Must say we much prefer the shorter 'do she debuted at the In Style after-party than those obvious extensions. She chatted with partygoers and posed for pics with fans. Except we didn't see her interact with...

    Gerard Butler, whom she's supposedly dating (or banging) now. In fact, Gerard ended up playing over at the CAA fete, a shindig Pare actually got kicked out of. So we're calling bull on the dating rumor, hookup is plausible tho. Definitely in the throes of romance were...

    Michael C. Hall and new wife/onscreen sis Jennifer Carpenter, showing up unfashionably early to the Showtime after-party at the Peninsula Hotel. The newlyweds didn't do any press and stayed for less than a half hour. Did they have a honeymoon suite waiting to get back to? Another twosome enjoying the benefits of awards weekend were 90210's...

    Jessica Lowndes and Adam Gregory, keeping themselves a clandestine couple. The duo arrived together at the HBO Luxury Lounge but made sure the photogs didn't get 'em in a snap together. They even went so far as to get two different hotel rooms gifted to them. Babes, you aren't Brangie circa Mr. and Mrs. Smith—no one gives an ef if you're dating. Also snagging up gifts at the luxury lounge was...

    Twilight's totally taut Taylor Lautner, picking up a pair of Athena Alexander shoes for his "celebrity girlfriend," though he wouldn't say who the lucky lady was. What's the point in having a celebrity girlfriend unless you can name-drop? Duh.

    Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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