A House divided cannot stand...including House Stark!

Though Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was crowned King in the North in the Game of Thrones' season seven finale, many viewers noticed a certain look between his sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen) that hinted Jon's reign could potentially be as short as poor Robb Stark's (Richard Madden) time as King in the North was. And now they're even more convinced, thanks to a potential spoiler released by HBO. (Warning, potential spoilers ahoy!)

The network unveiled an election-themed website for GOT, which includes a poll about who should end up on the Iron Throne. And the candidates sure are interesting: Daenerys Targaryen, with Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, with Lyanna Mormont; Cersei Lannister, with Qyburn, and Littlefinger, with Sansa Stark. 

Wait, rewind that last bit back, please. Sansa backing Littlefinger?! 1. Did HBO just sort of spoil a big season seven twist, or was this just all in good election season fun? 2. Shouldn't it be Sansa WITH Littlefinger backing her, not the other way around?!

Game of Thrones


When we chatted with Sophie Turner at Comic-Con in July, she said she would "feel pretty good" about Sansa taking over Winterfell...as long as it didn't mean betraying her brother (who we learned is really her cousin). 

"From my perspective, I want her and Jon to kind of rule together because it worked in the first instance in the Battle of the Bastards, things went pretty smoothly," she said. "I would want them to kind of rule as a duo, but I don't think that's going to happen because it's Game of Thrones and nothing good ever happens on Game of Thrones." 

But could Sansa's potential on-screen betrayal secretly be all about Sophie's real-life bitterness towards Kit for lying to her about the whole not really being dead thing? "I was so upset. We were in a bar and he took me to the side and he was like, 'Soph, I'm done, I'm not coming back this year,'" she said. "I started crying, I wrote him this really long letter, this card to be like, 'I loved working with you.' And then I only find out via the scripts the next season. I was like, 'You d--k! I hate you!' But that's what big brothers are for, right?!

She continued, "I was really upset, he didn't apologize, he didn't do anything nice...I hate him. He is my big brother, so he has license to be like that." 

Well, you know that they say about payback...

To hear more from Sophie Turner on season seven, press play on the video above. 

Game of Thrones returns in summer 2017.

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