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Sweatpants used to be one of the telltale signs you've given up on your fashion, but Selena Gomez is proving that's no longer the case.

Dust off your gym pants because there is in fact a way to make them work for you—and in a style-heavy manner. Sure, it has a lot to do with what you pair them with, but there's also something to say about this particular style of sweatpant.

For starters, when it comes to bottoms, anything high-waisted instantly feels more fashion-forward. Plus, from there you have room to experiment with flirtier, more fitted tops like the cropped, raw hemmed one Selena's wearing and further build on your outfit by throwing a cropped jacket in the mix like the singer's black denim one.

ESC: Dare to Wear Market: Sweats

And always, always, always accessorize. Use handbags, sunglasses, shoes and jewelry to complete your look. You'll never look schleppy carrying a cute bag and sporting stunner shades. 

Now, the exact $665 Vetements pair Selena's wearing is sold out (not like you were going to spend that much on sweats, but still), so you're going to need other (more budget-friendly) options.

H&M Sweatpants, $20; Nike Sports Wear Tech Fleece Cotton-Blend Sweatpants, $94; Chloé Jersey Wide-Leg Sweatpants, $1,295

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