Angelina Jolie lost hard-core at last night's Critics' Choice Awards. They even gave out two Best Actress awards and they couldn't fit the Changeling star in there. Instead, the critics chose to honor Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

And Angie did not look too happy about it. While Anne stuttered through a rambling acceptance speech highlighting her fellow "celluloid sisters" (which is a considerable improvement from her “process metaphysics” lecture earlier this week), Angelina made no attempt to hide her disdain, and we love her for it. Usually actors use their acting skills to feign joy for the award show victors, which is no fun for us.

We weren't able to make out the exact meaning of the staredown, but we guess it went something like this: "Did I mention you ruined a perfectly good dress with that giant napkin?" Or "You know I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, right? Just checking." Or "How 'bout you and your receding gums go sit on a tiara?" Or "You're the one with the boyfriend in prison, is that correct? Have you met my boyfriend? His name's Brad Pitt." Really, the possibilities are endless—give it a try.