Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson

Marion Curtis/Starpix

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reportedly welcomed in the New Year with a back alley fight show followed by a boxing match in their hotel hallway, so it only makes sense that a report (by way of Access Hollywood) would soon follow announcing their split.

"Lindsay has moved out of the home she shared with Samantha and gotten a place of her own," says the source. 

Can it be? Is there any hope for love anymore? First J. Love and now this?!

We checked with Lohan's rep but it's pretty hard to keep up with all their drams. "I don't know," was all she told us.

Fortunately, our own source was able to give a more definitive answer:

"They have not broken up. They are fighting," the source says. "They fight like any couple, but just a bit more dramatic." A bit?

While we continuously refresh the ladyfriends' respective MySpace pages hoping for some word they're OK (come on girls, blog once if you can hear us), take a look back at LiLo and SamRo in happier times. (It helps to have this playing in the background.)

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