Carrie Underwood

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Least Expected Hot Couple:  In keeping with its up-to-the-minute attention to the world of pop music, the Grammys kicked off the show with an appearance by Frank Sinatra. The now dead Chairman of the Board and the very much alive Alicia Keys duetted, and to be frank, it sounded delightful—even if those lyrics promoting smoking will probably earn the duet a "parental advisory" sticker. 

Most Lingering Question:  How much do you have to pay a deceased person for a personal appearance?

Best Autoerotica:  Country singer Carrie Underpants—er, 'wood—came out in short-shorts to belt out "Before He Cheats," her scorching tune about a scorned woman's search for inner peace through the utter destruction of one man's car.


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Biggest Time Warp:  It's good to be in charge. Jimmy Jam scored a gig for his former band the Time at the Grammys. Oldsters were pleased, though anyone born after the release of Purple Rain might have been a little confused until...

Biggest Psyche!  Rihanna interrupted the Time reunion by strutting out to perform in some palm fronds and a big smile.

Gump Shaker:  Is it just us, or did Tom Hanks look kind of hot bestowing some awards on oldsters like the Band and the Beatles?

—Filed by Erik Pedersen

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