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Burger King

Remember way back in October when Burger King turned everyone's bowel movements green? If you're one of the many who ordered the black-bunned Halloween burger with A1 infused into the bread, your poop probably turned green after consumption. That didn't stop BK from creating another colored bun creation, however. According to the chains Twitter, they'll be rolling out a bright red delight appropriately named the Angriest Whopper. As you can imagine, BK fans and skeptics alike are a bit concerned about its potential side effects. 

To put it plainly, it appears people need to know the answer to one question. Will this burger turn your potty pebbles a terrifying shade of red? On March 31, when the burger is released, the mystery may finally be solved. Look at that thing! How could it not do something crazy to our bodily fluids? Why the heck is the bun red, you might wonder? According to their YouTube video campaign, BK says hot sauce is baked right. Into. The. Bun. 

"Meet the furiously delicious Angriest Whopper," their page reads. "With hot sauce baked into the heart of raging red bun, flaming onion petals, spicy angry sauce and jalapenos piled high, this sequel is better than the original." The burger appears to be a follow-up to the Angry Whopper, a spicy burger with a regular bun. We can feel our eyes tearing up already. While we're thinking what Twitter is thinking, that's not going to stop us from trying it to be quite honest. 

Will you be testing out the new Whopper? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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