ESC: March Madness, Shay Mitchell, Trendy


Are the pressures of March Madness this Style Showdown getting to you?

Don't sweat it—the champion of Hollywood street style will be crowned soon. But first, the players with the best of-the-moment tastes must go head to head.

We're talking about the celebs who love wearing the latest trends—think: Selena Gomez in a denim mini, Vanessa Hudgens in her boho, Coachella-ready best and pretty much the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars. They are all fierce competitors in our friendly game...and you're the judge.

Decide on who should advance to the next round, to compete with stars with sexier or more classic style, for the title of BDS—Best Dressed Star.

Then stay tuned for the final style tournament, coming soon!

ESC, March Madness Bracket
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