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It's the team's first preseason game and Athena is nowhere to be found!

On Tuesday's LA Clippers Dance Squad, Athena is running late and the team is pissed.

"As captain and co-captain it's very important that we show up early and just set a great example for the rest of the team," Kellie says. "I have some family things going on right now, so when Athena showed up late it's kind of making me a little bit upset because I just expect for her to be able to carry that role and kind of leave me and my family a little stress-free right now."

Kellie then has to direct Athena over the phone and tell her how to get into the Staples Center where the game is taking place.

"Athena showing up late…that is not a good look at all," Savanna says.

Veteran Natalie then explains, "We get to games two hours early. It's pretty bad if you're a co-captain and you're arriving late to our first game, what else is in store?"

Athena eventually shows up, but why was she late?

Take a look at the clip above to find out what Athena's excuse is!