To say the past several months have been a roller coaster ride for Gwen Stefani may just be an understatement.

After her marriage to Gavin Rossdale came to an end, the lead singer of No Doubt questioned if she was ever going to write new music in a timely manner. But all of a sudden, a new romance with Blake Shelton began to blossom where her songwriting skills were suddenly coming back.

But to add another speed bump in Gwen's reality, the media was closely watching every move and sometimes making up false stories. Fortunately, the music studio became a place to speak the truth.

"Everything happens so fast. It's all happening in real time in the sense that, ‘Used to Love You' came out only a couple weeks after I wrote it," she explained to GQ magazine. "The only reason I did that was just being honest. There's been a lot of dishonesty around me, and I just don't understand that because it's just not how I live."

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

Norm Hall/Getty Images

She continued, "I didn't want to make a record: I just wanted to not die. That's it. The fact that now I have a record and people are hearing it, it just blows my mind."

In recent weeks, "Used to Love You" has climbed music charts and received significant radio airplay. At the same time, a much happier tune believed to be about Blake titled "Make Me Like You" has also found huge success.

What fans first thought was going to be a heartbreak album may have ultimately turned into a falling-in-love disc

Gwen Stefani, This Is What the Truth Feels Like New Album Cover, Target Deluxe Version

Target/Interscope Records

"I did not think anything. I wasn't thinking. I was feeling and I was dying," she confessed to the publication. "And then I was just like, ‘You can't go down like this! You have to turn this into music. You have to try, at least.' I was so embarrassed by just everything. I just didn't want to be that person that just went down after all of that."

Today, Gwen is mentoring Blake's talented team on The Voice. In addition, she's currently in Oklahoma enjoying spring break with her kids and that famous country artist.

Luckily, Blake has at least five of Gwen's new albums titled This Is What the Truth Feels Like for all the car rides and road trips.

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