Eva Marie, Instagram


It's almost time for WrestleMania!

The epic wrestling event kicks off on April 3 and WWE Diva Eva Marie is "ecstatic."

"WrestleMania is like the Super Bowl of wrestling," Eva Marie gushed to E! News exclusively about the event. "It's the biggest event of the year and I'm at TV right now."

Eva Marie made her return to TV this week, her first time in nine months!

"So there's some exciting things coming up and I'm really excited about it because I think it's time for the WWE universe to get a nice case of red," Eva Marie revealed.

We think her fans would agree with that!

Eva Marie, Instagram


Eva Marie is definitely at the top of her game right now, she's dominating in the ring and she looks incredible!

So we wanted to know what it takes to look like a WWE Diva, what's her secret?

"I try to break a sweat every single day," Eva Marie revealed. "Whatever that may be, if it's even just going for a walk or a run. Sometimes I won't lift all the time but my biggest thing is to break a sweat."

But working out isn't everything when it comes to staying in shape, Eva Marie told us that "diet is really the most important."

She went on to explain, "Working out is too, but it's one of those 70 percent, 30. 70 percent of it is what you put into your body and that's one of my struggles too is food. I have an addictive personality so anything I do I want to go 110, so even with food I love it. I mean I'm Mexican-Italian so anything around my family is always food-oriented somehow."

Eva Marie revealed she tries to stick to the Paleo diet.

"So I try to follow the Paleo diet, no processed foods a lot of lean meats, veggies and fruits," she explained. "And then you know I'll definitely get a cheat in there because I'm human. But I found that if I keep it like that, where I don't really restrict myself anymore because that's when I feel like I want to cheat, if I'm only eating a certain amount of this and a certain amount of that, I'll just go crazy. So I just try to eat non-processed food."

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