Hand over the coffee and the doughnuts—things are about to get messy. 

Long before we knew Jimmy Fallon as the late night host of The Tonight Show, he was Jake Gyllenhaal's crotchety sidekick at a colorful police station in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. 

"We played two detectives who couldn't see eye to eye," Fallon told Monday's audience of their prior roles. 

As for the Demolition star, Gyllenhaal said it was a particularly arduous task to convey his character. 

"I've had some pretty intense roles—this was the most intense," he said. 

Fortunately for all of us watching at home, producers managed to recover footage of policemen Parker and Pete in action from the old days. Queue the clip!

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jimmy Fallon


Feast your eyes on two grown men spitting coffee and crackers at each other. They weren't kidding when they said they couldn't see eye to eye. 

"It's like really in your face," Gyllenhaal joked. 

The clips kept coming. In a second scene, the two gentlemen moved on to apples. Fallon could barely keep a straight face. 

If coffee, crackers and apples weren't slimy enough, it was soon time for dessert. Sweet potato pie, prosecco and milkshakes anyone?

"That got me teared up," Fallon admitted. We think nauseous would be a better descriptor. 

For an episode that was allegedly shot during the Writer's Strike, the two skipped any dialogue and went straight for the jugular—spitting and spraying assorted foods in each other's faces. 

Happy showering!

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