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Khloe Kardashian and sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner just pulled the ultimate prank, and we can't help but give them a slow clap.

The trio decided to undergo some major makeovers, making each of them look completely unrecognizable, so that they could enjoy a Hollywood Tours ride undercover today. The exciting adventure was documented on both Khloe's livestreams on her app, and Kylie's Snapchats, and it was absolutely hilarious.

Khloe took on the role of a 79-year-old grandmother from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who was visiting Southern California with her two granddaughters (Kylie, who said she looks like "the old Kylie," and Kendall, who was rocking red curly hair and freckles). Between the wigs, prosthetic facial features and new style, nobody had any clue that these three E! stars were on this tour bus.

Well, almost nobody. Apparently, fans who caught wind of the prank from Kylie's Snapchat caught up with the tour bus and started yelling and waving at the stars. They shyly ignored the attention, but the tour guide couldn't help but comment on what happened. "You guys are more famous than I thought. What did you say you do in Austin?"

"It's Albuquerque," Khloe began to yell back before adding, "She's impregnated by a really popular YouTube sensation." LOL!

The three ladies continued on with the tour, acknowledging the different Hollywood highlights and popular celeb hot spots, including a restaurant that allegedly has Kim Kardashian's favorite Chinese Chicken salad (but according to the face Kylie made once the tour guide said that, we're guessing that's not completely true).

In fact, the Kardashians were brought up a bit during their ride around the city, to which Khloe's alter-ego yelled, "F--k those ho's...The Kartrashians? I don't wanna talk about those Kartrashians." OH SNAP. Grandma doesn't hold back!

They also got pretty defensive at one point when the tour guide was mentioning how Tyga didn't let Paul McCartney in to his Grammys after-party (which we know was not the case), and Kylie, along with her sisters, started yelling, "That's not true!"

The hilarious experience was followed by then even funnier Snapchats of Khloe taking off all of her makeup while in the car on the way back home. And even Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner couldn't get enough of it. "Omg!! I have never laughed so hard watching @khloekardashian on @KylieJenner snapchat. I'm literally crying. Khloe you are just it for me," Kourt tweeted, while their famous mama wrote, "You guys have to see @kyliejenner's snapchat story today!!! #sofunny #mykidsarecrazy."

Seriously, if you don't start cry laughing at some point, you're doing it wrong.

Touché, ladies. Touché.

if u guys don't know why Im the queen of all snapchat.. Watch now lol - kylizzlemynizzl

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—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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