Grease: Live cast, are you listening? Because the cast of Fox's latest live musical, The Passion, is calling you out.

E! News traveled to the set of The Passion, Fox's modern-day retelling of the Passion of Jesus Christ (set to current pop music), where the cast was filming a pivotal scene for the Palm Sunday production. (Yes, this thing will be performed live, but considering that it's taking place throughout the city of New Orleans and logistically it would be impossible to get to every location in such a tight window of time, we'll forgive them for pre-taping a couple of segments.)

While there, we asked the musically inclined talent—including American Idol vet Chris Daughtry and pop star Prince Royce—how they'd stack up against the Greasers in a dance-off.

"I could single-handedly take out the cast of Grease in a dance off. If you look at my Instagram page, you'll see I'm a semi-professional dancer," Daughtry tells us. (We think he's serious, too.)

The Passion


Shane Harper, who plays one of Jesus' disciples, has a very good point: "I think because we have Jesus on our dance squad, I have to say us. Danny Zuko is great too, but I feel like God's on our side, you know what I mean?"

Prince Royce isn't so sure. "I'm sure Grease would win. They danced their butts off that day," he confesses.

Press play on the video above to see the Passion cast's dance moves in action—including the Roger Rabbit, whip and nae nae, hand jive, running man and bachata. Plus, find out how star Jencarlos Canela, who plays the son of God, really feels about joining the ranks of TV and film's hot Jesuses.

The Passion airs live from New Orleans on Sunday, March 20 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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