Alpha Male Madness

CW; AMC; ABC; Starz

Hope you enjoyed your day off, because this one's going to be tough.

We're officially halfway done with Alpha Male Madness, which means we have reached the Elite 8. There may be fewer competitors, but that doesn't mean this thing is getting any easier. 

The Sweet 16 was a tough round. The Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) just barely beat The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus with less than 1% of the vote, and The 100's Bob Morley similarly edged out Supernatural's Jensen Ackles a former Alpha Male Madness champ, with just over 1%. 

This week, only four can move on to the semifinals, and it's absolutely brutal. Costars are up against costars. The Arrow is up against the Flash. Apocalypse survivors are facing off against apocalypse survivors, and a pirate is about to battle a resurrected monster hunter. This is about to be a bloodbath, and we hope you're ready. 

If you are, get to voting! The polls will close this Sunday, March 20 at 5 p.m. PT, so plan your weekend accordingly. Make sure to spread the word to vote by tweeting @eonlineTV and using the hashtag #AlphaMaleMadness. 

The polls have closed. Come back Monday to vote in the final four!

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