Not everyone loves Frozen?

And we couldn't believe Kristen Bell admitted that her three-year-old daughter Lincoln isn't a fan of the hit Disney musical movie.

Lincoln first watched it last month—at least Bell tried to get her to watch it. "I put it on for her, thinking it was going to blow her mind and she like 15 minutes in and was like, 'Turn this off, I don't like this movie,'" Bell told me yesterday while promoting her new comedy The Boss (in theaters on April 8).

Knowing that mom was the voice of Anna didn't impress Lincoln. "She could care less," Bell said. "It was too scary for her, I think. She keeps my ego in check. But it was too dark, the scene where Anna gets struck and then they go to the trolls and it takes place at night."

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, The Boss

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Bell also gave us an update on the Frozen sequel. She said the script "is just being finished written and I think we start recording next month."

Too exciting!

"I have a couple of clues as to what's going to happen," Bell teased.

As for another hit like "Let It Go," Bell said, "Nothing should top that. Even when I hear it, hearing it as many times, as I have, every time I hear it, it gives me the tingles.

"It's a brilliantly written song and it's so perfectly suited for her," she continued. "I think there's going to be a lot of great songs in the next movie but I don't know if any of them will top 'Let It Go.'"

Bell recently reunited with her Frozen costars Idina Menzel and Josh Gad in New York City for a fundraiser for Menzel's A BroaderWay. "She asked Josh and I if we'd come and do a sing-a-long and it was so much fun!" Bell beamed. "There were a couple hundred kids there, we sang songs from the movie, some that were cut that no one ever heard before, and it's just such a nice time to see your friends and it's really fun to sing. It's really, really fun to sing especially alongside of people that you love."

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