We've all been there. You're in the midst of making plans to meet Chad Hottiebuns for a date and then he types the unthinkable.

"What are some of you're favorite bars?"

There it is, burning into your retinas, the worst grammar mistake known to man. You shrug it off as a potential autocorrect fail and offer up various meeting places.

"Sounds cool! I've never been they're before," he replies.

By now the walls around you have crumbled, and your heart has burst into flames. You have no choice but to ignore his messages for the rest of your natural life. R.I.P. future husband. 


According to Next Advisor, popular dating app Zoosk, conducted a recent study to determine how poor grammar influences your online dating life. For example, did you know 93% of online daters favor those who end their sentences with a period? Is this why we were single for over two years? Le sigh. Another thing to avoid is using cheese ball terms like "YOLO." The study uncovered those who did throw around that foul phrase faced "decreased response rates by 47%." In other words, if you're down with digital dating, proofread your shiz if you want to see results. Good luck out there!

How do you feel when your match has poor grammar? Sound off in the comments! 

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