Thank you Thanks for The hug

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Welcome home, Taylor Swift!

The singer has touched back down on her home turf after enjoying some time away with beau Calvin Harris at a romantic and secluded tropical paradise, where they made all of us burst with their ridiculously adorable PDA pictures and pseudo-model shots on the beach.

And while we're happy the twosome got some time away from everything and everyone, we're happy that they're back safely. But no one is happier than this dog.

Swift posted a hilariously cute video of herself lying down on a couch and being greeted with the most warm welcome from a gigantic Great Dane. The sweet dog adorably tried to find a way to sit on Swift's lap, with a chew toy in mouth and a wagging tail that could have been very dangerous, but failed to achieve a comfortable position.

"Thank you Thanks for The hug," Taylor captioned the video.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris


Aside from the kiss pic felt around the world, Taylor showed us that the sweet couple wrote their initials on the sand (while also reminding us that Calvin's real name is Adam Wiles), along with flaunting her killer bikini bod. Additionally, there was a hilarious video that Harris caught of Taylor jumping into the water off of a huge floating device, and, well, it didn't go as smoothly as she'd hoped, LOL!

"Taylor and Adam are on vacation because they both had time off from their insanely busy schedules this past year and wanted to go somewhere away from it all to chill out," a source tells E! News. "This was also part of there anniversary presents to each other."

Harris also took to both Twitter and Instagram to share a few brooding model poses of each of them on the beach, as well as a few pics of the twosome by the water.

Well, it's not the sun, sand and seclusion that they're now used to, but a hug from a Great Dane is still worth coming home to.

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