Ariana Grande, SNL


Ariana Grande encountered SNL's idiot buddy duo JoJo and BoBo in a cut skit from last weekend's SNL.

The 22-year-old pop star had made her hosting debut on the show. In the sketch, she plays a woman who invites JoJo and BoBo, her co-workers, to her March Madness party. The two have no idea that it involves watching NCAA men's Division I tournament games.

"Work now, get mad on Saturday," says BoBo, played by Beck Bennett.

"No one's getting mad," she replies. "It's just gonna be a casual thing."

"Perfect," says JoJo, played by Kyle Mooney. "So, in terms of dress code, people will be wearing capes or if we wanna get dressed up, maybe a poncho?"

"Listen guys, we're just gonna be watching basketball games, so if you want to bring some beer or chips-" Grande continues.

"Or nails," JoJo interrupts.

The two morons had also asked asinine questions when Ronda Rousey invited him to watch football with friends at her house in an SNL skit earlier this year.

During her SNL hosting debut, Grande showcased her wide range of female celebrity impressions, impersonating the likes of Jennifer LawrenceWhitney Houston and Celine Dion. Grande said on Elvis Duran's Z100 Morning Show Tuesday the latter star had complimented her on her impression of her, which she has showcased on TV before.

"When I met Celine, she told me, she was like, 'Um, when I saw you, I peed,'" Grande said.

She added that she had fun preparing for SNL.

"It was one of the most exhausting and overwhelming weeks of my life but it was, every single moment was so much fun," she said.

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