Caitlyn Jenner is put in an "uncomfortable" situation on Sunday's I Am Cait.

On the episode, Caitlyn and her squad attend a dance class, which should be a great time. But when Caitlyn sees that there are men in attendance, she admits that she doesn't want to dance with them.

"I am not comfortable with doing this," Caitlyn reveals in the preview clip. "Having a bunch of guys here so we dance with guys."

"Whatever makes you feel comfortable," Candis Cayne tells Caitlyn.

"That ain't happening," Caitlyn replies.

Caitlyn is worried that someone will take a photo of her dancing with one of the men and then her kids will see it.

"That picture is going to go all over the world and I don't want my kids to see that," Caitlyn tells Candis.

What does Candis think about Caitlyn's reaction?

Take a look at the video above to see Candis explain that Caitlyn "hasn't really embraced those sides of her feminine self yet."

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