Coachella Virtual Reality Cardboard Viewer


As if Coachella weren't exciting enough, now you can get even more hyped. Inside your "welcome box" (you know, the one with the wristbands you won't take off for three months after the festival), event-goers will also receive a Coachella-themed Google Cardboard headset. Neat, but so what, right? Wrong. With this headset, you'll be able to prepare for the event like never before. Engadget also notes users will use a Coachella VR app with their headset to do everything from touring the grounds beforehand, to reliving 360 photo moments from Coachella's past. Sold! 

What do you think about Coachella's Google Cardboard experience? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

How to rock Coachella's top trend! 

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