Dame Helen Mirren knows what she wants and goes for it.

The British star stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, and when she was introduced she walked out onto the set and planted one right on the host's lips. Her unexpectedly warm welcome left Stephen Colbert in shock—and speechless.

"If I didn't do it then I'd never get to do it," explained Mirren, who was addressing a still-stunned Colbert. "I've been dreaming of doing that for about 15 years, so I just grabbed my chance. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

By the look on his face, Colbert was not sorry!

"I suddenly can't remember any questions...you know what you're doing. You really know what you're doing," Colbert joked. "Thank you so much for being here. Can you imagine the number of people who are jealous of me right now?"

The Oscar winner admitted that even she was jealous of herself. 

Stephen Colbert, Helen Mirren, Late Show


"Including me!" she joked. "Why didn't I do more?"

"The night is young, Dame Helen."

The Colbert Report alum finally regained his composure and could interview the Queen actress about her very regal status in the monarchy. "You are a dame! I've interviewed some sirs, but they've never kissed me."

"Not even Sir Ian McKellan?" joked Mirren.

Sadly, Colbert confessed that not even McKellan had and said he would be more than happy to receive such a passionate smooch from The Lord of the Rings star. Mirren continued to inform Colbert about how her dame status works and revealed that she gets to wear a special trinket to big-time events. She suggested the U.S. start a similar type of program so that Americans could get recognized for their hard work, but Colbert said it wouldn't work because the U.S. doesn't have the right political system in place yet.

"We would need a monarchy, and we're at least nine months away from that," he joked.

Watch the clip above to see Mirren make the chatty host completely speechless!

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