ESC: Eyelashes, Rihanna

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Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by the fake eyelash section in Target.

If you've shopped for falsies before then you're oh too familiar with the incredible indecisiveness that washes over you as you stare at the rows on rows of style choices. It's the inevitable feeling that comes with not knowing exactly what you're doing, but that's not your fault! It's just that no one's ever broken it down for you. So, let celebrity makeup artist Suzie Kim be your beauty fairy godmother for this week's Doing It Wrong.

ESC, Eyelashes

First things first, what are all the different types and what are they for?

Individual Lashes: These are "great for a more natural look because you can add them where you want/need more coverage."
Suzie's Pick: Kiss Trio Lash

Half Lashes: These are "great for giving a nice winged eye or eye lifting effect and they're also super easy to apply!"
Suzie's Pick: MAC 20 Lash

Strip Lashes: "These come in all different styles and are best for a fuller, natural and/or dramatic look," said the pro. "They last only for the day, but if you use a good brand, you can re-use the strips many times. They're great for people who don't have thick or long lashes."
Suzie's Pick: Ardell Natural Lash #110

ESC, Eyelashes

As you must already know, "lashes come in different styles," noted the expert. "Most people complain they can't wear strips because they're too dramatic, but that just indicates to me they don't know how to pick out the right fit for their lids."

Starter Lashes: Suzie added, "My personal rule of thumb for first-time wearers or more conservative types: Look for a pair that's the same length as your own lashes. It will enhance your own once applied, but that way most people won't even notice you have them on."
Suzie's Pick: Ardell Baby Demi Wispies

Dramatic Lashes: Now, if you're looking for a more dramatic pair to go with your iconic smoky eye, "the dark [makeup] on your lids actually help to hide the lashes," claimed the beauty maven. "Also, the longer the lashes, the more it will help define your eyes." 
Suzie's Pick: House of Lashes Iconic 

Light and Bright Effect: "For lighter shadows, I love a great feathered lash," said Suzie. "They define the eyes but in a subtle way. Sometimes, the sparser strip lashes give a whimsical look to the eyes."
Suzie's Pick: Gigi Red Cherry #62

Cat Eye Effect: If this is the makeup look you're going for, Suzie suggested "ones that taper from short to long, with the shorter part being on the inner corner of the eyes."
Suzie's Pick: Lashes in a Box No. 11

Round Eye Effect: If you're looking to round out your eyes, "use strips that start shorter and end shorter, with longer and denser lashes in the center."
Suzie's Pick: House of Lashes in Boudoir

ESC: Eyelashes, Katy Perry

Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Lashes also come in many different materials. So how do you know which to use when?

Real Hair Lashes: These "tend to feel more comfortable because they use a softer thread band that won't poke at the eyelids."

Synthetic or Silk Lashes: These "are great for thicker strips because they're lighter than real hair and therefore won't weigh down your lashes as much." But Suzie wants you to keep in mind that "the strip bands can be stiffer and also irritate those with sensitive eyelids." If that's often a problem, feel free to cut the lashes! "Cut the outer corners if they extend beyond your lash line. [You should] always keep the strips within the inner and outer corners of your own lash line."

Last order of business…can you ever re-wear false lashes? "Yes, absolutely," stated the pro. "Gently remove them and rub off any remaining adhesive (without messing up the hairs). Once you've done that, stick them in your lash box and use them as many times as you can before they're unwearable!"  

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